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Why “I regret my abortion” is not the final word on choice.

We help people identify their own values and to honour the reasons underneath their decision, while exploring how misogyny and patriarchy can influence their choices. Grounding their experiences in their own truth and experiences helps develop identity and agency. For many people, a decision around a pregnancy offers an opportunity to become the author of their own lives and to define their lives in their own terms, sometimes for the first time.

Calling out the disregard for truth about abortion.

We don’t all have to agree on the politics of abortion, and we think that is okay. But we don’t think it’s okay for anyone to push an anti-choice agenda using factually inaccurate information. We don’t think it’s okay for people to use their personal beliefs to limit the autonomy and choices of others about their own bodies.

Rather than shaming, we should listen.

How do we shift from debate to dialogue, from censorship and control to collaborative conversation? Together we commit to move beyond pro-life vs. pro-choice debate to a culture of pro-voice. We make time and space for people who’ve had abortions to tell their stories and speak their truth, safely and respectfully.