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If this was shocking to anyone, they haven’t been paying attention.

Don’t get me wrong. As a black, Jewish, queer woman, I know that I embody what white supremacists hate most, and that all they see of folks like me is that we are wrong. Our bodies are commodities. We are scapegoats. It was painful to bear witness, incredibly so. But I was not shocked. If it was shocking to anyone, they haven’t been paying attention.

Why I’ll Be Marching At The Back

Exploring how to be an ally isn’t always easy. It challenges how we see ourselves and how we identify. It compels us to confront our own relationship to privilege and examine how we may be holding, maintaining, or perpetuating structures of power and privilege that hold other people back. Read more…

Body Confidence Awards Canada 2016

“The fact that nobody looked like me became my strength.” The powerful words by the Body Confidence Canada Award recipient Abby Green resonated, vibrating deep in my chest. As a fat woman for most of my adult life, the media messages and visuals that I was constantly bombarded with did not include fat women –

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