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What’s Up, Down There? Your Guide to Anatomy, Cycles and Discharge.

Take time to observe the changes of your body. Take note of what looks, smells, and feels normal for you. There isn’t one right way for bodies to look or function. The more accurate information we receive about our bodies, the more we can make better informed choices about our health care and our lives.

When Women Are Healthy, Our Community Is Healthy.

It is my hope that in the days ahead, we are able to reiterate the importance of focusing on the evidence that clearly shows that when women have access to good health care, so do their families; in this way, they are the key to improving the health status of entire communities.

Calling out the disregard for truth about abortion.

We don’t all have to agree on the politics of abortion, and we think that is okay. But we don’t think it’s okay for anyone to push an anti-choice agenda using factually inaccurate information. We don’t think it’s okay for people to use their personal beliefs to limit the autonomy and choices of others about their own bodies.