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Top 5 Ways to Be a Good Friend to a New Parent

by Erin Bockstael Becoming a caregiver of a vulnerable little human – by birth, fostering, or adoption – can really turn a person’s world upside down. When that person is your good friend, the changes parenting brings can ripple into your life. You don’t spend time together the way you used to! Maybe you’re wondering,

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When Women Are Healthy, Our Community Is Healthy.

It is my hope that in the days ahead, we are able to reiterate the importance of focusing on the evidence that clearly shows that when women have access to good health care, so do their families; in this way, they are the key to improving the health status of entire communities.

Harmless Holiday Lyrics – Hardly!

In 1944, subversive innuendo may have been the only acceptable way to acknowledge female sexual desire in the mainstream. But this is 2016; today there is no excuse for a song that undermines the importance of consent to get as much air play as it does. Please. Let’s just stop with the re-recordings and constant playlists. We can do better.