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Building Gratitude When Everything Is Strange and Scary: A Love Letter to Families of Young Children During the Pandemic

Small people have sooooooo many feelings, and they need you to help manage them. Having all those feelings is hard for them, but they’re also hard for parents to face too. Can you imagine having a coworker who screamed, threw things, flung themselves onto the ground, or cried whenever they were frustrated? That’s unbearable! But that’s the reality of small people learning to manage big feelings.

What’s Up, Down There? Your Guide to Anatomy, Cycles and Discharge.

Take time to observe the changes of your body. Take note of what looks, smells, and feels normal for you. There isn’t one right way for bodies to look or function. The more accurate information we receive about our bodies, the more we can make better informed choices about our health care and our lives.