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Calling out the disregard for truth about abortion.

We don’t all have to agree on the politics of abortion, and we think that is okay. But we don’t think it’s okay for anyone to push an anti-choice agenda using factually inaccurate information. We don’t think it’s okay for people to use their personal beliefs to limit the autonomy and choices of others about their own bodies.

Body Confidence Awards Canada 2016

“The fact that nobody looked like me became my strength.” The powerful words by the Body Confidence Canada Award recipient Abby Green resonated, vibrating deep in my chest. As a fat woman for most of my adult life, the media messages and visuals that I was constantly bombarded with did not include fat women –

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The Personal is STILL Political.

But what about everyone else? Third wave feminism has taught me academically about intersectionality, but how do we put it into real world practice? If we consider that “the personal is political” meant that the personal problems of other women compel our collective attention and action, then each of us needs to step beyond what is personal to ourselves and examine the issues and experiences that are personally important to other women.