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Afraid to Say the Wrong Thing: How to Support a Friend Who Has Experienced Pregnancy or Infant Loss

It is estimated that 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in a loss. Some people will experience more than one pregnancy loss or infant loss in their lifetime. These losses mean different things to the people who experience them, depending on the circumstances and what the pregnancy meant to them. For many, the experience has an emotional and physical impact.

Challenging Conventional Wellness – The Circle

The lights are dimmed, and strands of twinkling holiday lights fill the space with a warm glow. The room invites conversation; handscripted words -“choice”, “hope”, “acceptance”- decorate the walls, posters from the late 80’s tell the histories of  feminist conversations past. The room is unpretentious with its well-worn carpeting and rugged floors, yet inviting. This

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