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Diabetes? High blood pressure or cholesterol? Why losing weight is not the answer.

Body acceptance, body neutrality, Health At Every Size®® – whatever you want to call it – is for EVERY BODY. I often hear people say things like, “This makes sense, but I actually need to lose weight because of my diabetes/health/knees/etc./etc./etc.” Nope. There are no loopholes or asterisks attached to this simple truth:
You, right here, right now, deserve to have a peaceful relationship with your body based on nurturing, nourishing, permission, respect, and getting enough.

Don’t Talk To Me About Your Diet

What I didn’t realize then – and understand better now – is that when fat shaming my own body, and my body is smaller than someone else’s, I’m also shaming their body, even if that’s not my intention. Impact of actions almost always trumps intent.

The Negative Side to Body Positivity – Why We Are Refusing to #OWNIT

We need to stop asking people to take all the responsibility to just love themselves while not acknowledging the culturally imposed barriers to self-love. Our culture is preoccupied with weight to such a degree that one’s health, morals, character and intelligence are all presumed to be lacking if you live in an abundant body.