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Confessions of an Abortion Counsellor

There are many myths and misconceptions about whom, when, and why folks choose to have an abortion. As an abortion counsellor, people share the context of their lives with me. A part of me wishes other people could be a fly on the wall of a counselling room for a day so they could see with their own eyes what it’s like. But I guess my words will have to be enough.

Diabetes? High blood pressure or cholesterol? Why losing weight is not the answer.

Body acceptance, body neutrality, Health At Every Size®® – whatever you want to call it – is for EVERY BODY. I often hear people say things like, “This makes sense, but I actually need to lose weight because of my diabetes/health/knees/etc./etc./etc.” Nope. There are no loopholes or asterisks attached to this simple truth:
You, right here, right now, deserve to have a peaceful relationship with your body based on nurturing, nourishing, permission, respect, and getting enough.